• Are you running a startup but struggling with getting customers?
  • Are you a Nordic company struggling with your business sales?
  • Are you looking at expanding your business in to the Nordic countries?
  • Do you have some nordic customers that where you want to expand your footprint?

Most B2B business is local and business culture is very different, even between the nordic countries. Working with the right gotomarket model in a particular region or vertical is key to successful sales and growth (and the opposite, hence trying to force a faulty model can worst case scenario ruin your company or at least significantly hurt your sales).

Going to market have many dependencies based on, but not limited to:

  • Industry
  • Vertical
  • Pricing sceme
  • Technology maturity in the targeted market
  • Vendor maturity and choosen GTM in other markets
  • Physical product and/or services offerings.
  • The list is a lot longer..

At Linked Islands we evaluate what we believe is the best for you and also what you defined as success or next level in your business development.

Channel management

As the G2M (goto market plan) is agreed, we execute. We go to customers, we follow up leads, we choose and engage partners for you, we close real business.

Most B2B sales today are either direct or indirect influenced by one or many partners. A good working channel can do miracles for the customer, vendor and your sales numbers, but unfortunately it also works the other way and we see many companies with great products and services and very messed up channel strategy and execution.

Channel sales can be complicated.

We help you with your Nordic channel set-up. We will give you direct recommendation, introductions, engagements and direct sales activities to secure a long term Nordic channel sales success.

We can advise on price and discounts structures assuring that you are inline with the local market.