Why engage with Linked Islands?

We have successfully introduced more than twenty companies and their respective technologies, products and services to the Nordic market. We only work on a win win model.

B2B Nordic Sales

We drive your business in all Nordic countries. We work your leads all the way to closing and post sales. We identify and engage channels.

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Technology Expertise

AR, Blockchain, IoT, Infrastructure, Telco, Monitoring - expertise to assist for workshops, RFQ/RFE engagement etc.

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Seed finance

We do early seed finance up to 200k$, we are active capital so we engage on a very operational level whenever it is needed.

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We work with good people and companies!

We believe good & trustworthy people is the foundation of a great tech company. So we want to work with people and companies that are good and trustworthy! Not so complicated.

Our projects

Here are just some examples of project we work with. Easiest is to call ping us and let us know what you need. We are easy people and no challenge is too small.

AR for the industry

Establish Nordic and EMEA business for leading voice controlled AR company

Introducing IoT backend system

Working with energy companies enabling true scalable IoT

Introducing an ISV in the Nordics

Direct sales support and customer training when introducing a new AR vendor to the Nordics.